The Pole Shift Forum's purpose is to stimulate critical thought about a controversial subject.

Could the poles and the equator trade places? Frozen places on the earth melt? Hot places become freezing? Can the earth's crust be shifted--globally--with cataclysmic suddenness? Some suggest over-accumulation of ice at the pole as a possible cause. Given current data, is that possible? Has it happened before? Probable? Possible? Impossible? Or does earth's crust world-wide move only with almost imperceptible slowness, as most currently believe.
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We are not advocates with an axe to grind. We are not True Believers--and we are not looking for true believers. We want people willing to examine assumptions that underlie current scientific beliefs about such global mechanisms. Sorry. We're not interested in those who focus on spiritualistic, apocalyptic, Caycean, Atlantean or millenialist beliefs as a way of approaching this subject. Plenty of other websites exist for that purpose. Not us.

We're hosting informed debate about scientifically measurable mechanisms that might possibly cause events such as shifting or wandering of the poles, displacement of the earth's crust. Some believe that earth's rotational balance can be destabilized, causing the earth's outer crust to skid, so that the lands of the North and South poles end up in radically different positions on the earth.

We mean the geographic poles, not the magnetic poles, which are discussed here:

To promote rational debate, we need knowledgeable and critical contributors. As difficult as this has been, we still hope to attract more people with specialized scientific training. For example, consider those folks at the Poleshift Data Collection Website. They desire to get volunteers to report GPS and magnetic compass readings around the globe to detect and measure pole shifts, etc.. Check what they're up to at

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After years out of print, you can again buy Charles Hapgood's book THE PATH OF THE POLES. If interested, read what he has to say for yourself. For details click on "Hapgood" or "Core Ideas" above.

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