We at Pole Shift Forum know only too well that professionals in any field fit into a number of categories related to freedom of professional functioning.

Professionals have beliefs that:

1. roughly match the current consensus in their field.

2. are at odds with some issues within the dominant consensus--and are willing and able to speak out publicly in debating disputed issues.

3. are at odds with the dominant consensus--but are, for economic or other career reasons, unable or unwilling to publicly debate the disputed issues.

Sometimes serious problems can occur in people's careers if they take public or semi-public stands on issues that undermine or even offer fundamental challenges to the dominant consensus view within that profession.

We want this forum to be as open and honest as possible, so that hard facts and ideas are free to go wherever they may, no matter what the current consensus is.

So, to protect those who want to contribute, but who are in category #3 above, we are willing, if asked to do so, to byline any contribution with a symbolic pen name, in the tradition of the second wave of Founding Fathers, who authored the Federalist papers anonymously.

All that we ask is that you provide, confidentially, your real name, e-mail address and details of professional education and affiliation, so that we can confirm your credentials to speak on the issues you choose to address. That done, only your pen name will ever appear on this site. We won't reveal your real identity in any way to anyone.

In the tradition of Charles Hapgood, and Alfred Wegener--a founding theorist of continental drift, who was a meteorologist--we will not assume that speaking outside your field automatically disqualifies you . That will always be decided by the facts and ideas of others who confirm or dispute your facts and ideas.

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