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The worst possible fantasy ?

The worst possible future ?
Of course, we think we're only joking--but how do we know?

Although others surely do not, we believe the idea is worth serious analysis.

(The highlighted words below lead to pages were we hope detailed arguments will be.)


The most radical view assumes the most radical alteration and destruction. The least radical view assumes the most minor alterations and no destruction.

If you are totally new to all of this, you probably want an introduction to what has in recent years become the dominant view of what makes the earth's surface the way it is. This view says that movement of the earth's gigantic plates is, with the exception of earthquakes, exceedingly slow. The early version of this view was called continental drift. It evolved into the theory called plate tectonic. If you would like to go directly to a discussion of that view, go here.


The Path of the Pole is now available in paperback, as is Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. You can order from or Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher, Adventures Unlimited Press, in Illinois. You can call 815-253-6390 or go to We suggest going directly to the publisher's website so you can see all the other interesting books they publish, including their magazine, World Explorer Club
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