In The Path of the Pole, in addition to the core chapters, Hapgood includes an appendix where certain key issues of geophysical mechanics are argued. From our perspective, these arguments are worth a close look to determine if they ever did--or still do--help to support or to defeat key parts of the pole shift theory--whether the most conservative or the most radical version.

Until recently, this book waas long out-of-print and difficult to find in either general or technical libraries.

Because of this and the fact that the technical arguments often have to be followed in mathematical detail, the following sections of the book have been photo-reproduced here, solely for the purposes of criticism and education:


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You can examine various key arguments taken from
The Path of the Pole in detail from the list below. Each of these argument areas will lead you back to this list or to the home page.

Introduction to Isostasy

The Mechanics of Centrifugal Effect (pages 343 to 351)

Campbell's Mechanics of Lithosphere Displacement (pages 330 to 342)


Stabilizing Effect of the Equatorial Bulge (pages 361 to 364)

Tectonic Adjustments at End of Ice Age (pages 365 to 366)


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