Right now there's not much that's scientifically serious and easy to find.


A half billion years ago, during the Late Precambrian, life on earth underwent a profound diversification...with relative evolutionary rates of more than 20 times normal, nothing like it has occured since....This coincides with another apparently unique event--a 90 degree change in the direction of Earth's spin axis relative to the continents. The poles became the equator and two points near the equator became the poles.

Analyzes the physics of an event where a "relatively small " asteroid collides with earth, causing "almost instantaneous changes of the axis of rotation and therefore instant-aneous shifts of the poles..."

(We hosts are not competent to judge the quality of Sr. Barbiero's mathematical analysis. If anyone wants to comment, e-mail us. In any case, we would like to see the issue of ice-mass effect treated with analytic seriousness.)

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