Charles Hapgood's bookThe Path of the Pole is out of print and not easily found in used bookstores or in libraries. To compensate, we will summarize or reprint pages for educational / critical purposes, within the fair use provisions of the copyright law.

Who is our audience?

Enormous amounts of data have accumulated in many relevant fields since Charles Hapgood--and his opponents--published their arguments.

We expect contributors to rigorously debate everyone's assumptions about various versions of the pole-shift idea, whether as a past or a future possibility. Join the debate at your own level of expertise, but try to speak to the masses too.

Send questions, comments--raise arguments. Examine details and logic carefully. Contributions will get complex at times--and (hopefully) thick with well-argued data.

Students, why not apply what you are learning in science classes? Test Hapgood's ideas and those who disagree.

What can you come up with?

Mysticism Alert

This site is non-Atlantean, non-millenialist, non-apocalyptic, non-prophetic. We WON'T post anything about the supposed moral, spiritual, religious or quasi-religious implications of these theories.

Sorry. Such views are well-represented elsewhere on the Web.

However, now and then, we do include relevant, if sometimes far-fetched theoretical musings on terrestrial mechanisms. See our growing guest thoughts section.

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