by Dr. Walter Peterson

 I will trying to compare my progression of pole shift with your "Most radical pole shift idea. .  ."  I'll refer to it as MRP from now on.

MRP #1 --The ice mass at one or both poles over-accumulates. My idea is that both overaccumulate, and I agree that this is the first and most important change in the earth that takes place.

MRP #2 -- At some point, this destabilizes the earth's rotational balance.  Mine concludes that irregularity of the shapes of both poles actually cause destabilization, by the SE (Solar-Earth) Current camming against their different shapes, and jerking each poles rotation in different patterns during each day. The SE Current is able to push and pull on the ice caps because it is the motivating power of the earth's rotation. You think not?. Compare the tornado touch down acceleration power with a vastly larger current flowing where I say it is flowing, on the Sun side of the ice caps in the earth's daily rotation.

Both poles wobbling differently against an ever thickening insulating cap cause the currrent to bounce against the end pole ice and is presently the cause of ice breaking off on the edge. There will come a time when the ice is so large and pushes the SE Current so far from the place  where it begain flowing when the poles shifted last time to this present site, that it will simply push the present poles away because the SE Current will be attracted to a better place of conductance.

This is controlled by the natural rule of all electrical discharge . . . It always seeks the path of best conductance. In its destabilized condition it also shakes, Jet streams, slows down its earth rotating, causes earth equator shrink, plate shifting over and under and together, which causes volcanoes, earthquakes, and unstable unpredictable weather.

(By the way, The positioning of the poles during the last 80,000 years, are perfect for explaining the drifting of the Americas away from Europe. The New spin on each of the positions stretches the equator apart, opening up the Atlantic seam. The Atlantic opens because its floor is a new one made by new magma moving up from the core, and is much stronger than the Pacific which is the original floor and is weaker in relation to the Atlantic. After each shift the Atlantic quickly expands, and then strengthens its position with magma, and as the rotation goes slower and slower the Pacific crumples up and mountains build, while the Atlantic stays solid like a battering ram.)

MRP #3 -- This happens either slowly (conservative version) or quickly (radical version)  My view is very fast.  Daisys wilt rather quickly with slow change. Oceans that bull doze over continents and push all flora and fauna together in mass graves on mountain tops could not happen slowly.   

MRP #4 --This causes slippage of all or much of earth's outer crust around the earth's core. Pure balderdash. Depending upon the whole picture of what is happening when the SE Current goes seeking a new conductance path (Meteroites causing some of the shifting? possibly.) The earth just rolls over and the SE Current finds a spot that it flows through so easily that it brings the rolling motion of the earth to a stop and spins it on its new conductance path polar areas.

The frozen air following the SE Current as the earth again is oriented with its North pole facing the same polar direction it now would face if it were not wobbling so much. I believe our polar attitude is caused by the twisting of the SE Current as it comes from the Sun, and at our distance from the Sun the Se Current points us in the direction we have. The other planets point their poles in the direction that the S Current is going as it passes them at their distance from the Sun.

Many questions are raised as I cavort around the Solar system. Does the planet that points its pole directly at the Sun mean that the S current does something it is not doing here?  Probably. Maybe the S Current for that distance is a passage of electric flow around behind the planet and then back through it.  Or maybe because this planet is so unconductive that it behaves like an unusual insulator in the presence of whatever current there is there. Who knows?  In fact it is obvious that I have had to hold on to the possibility that there is such a thing as a  majority of one if that person is right. As far as the Earth shifting its crust, I just can't believe that the core is so critically fastened in place with the crust that it couldn't shift >from one place to the other just by shifting its SE current driver.

MRP # 5 -- At the extreme, a plate area formerly at the Equator could end up at or near a pole. The area of crust at, let's say Antarctica, could end up at or near the Equator.

In fact, I believe that the poles have been near there at times in the past. It appears that paths of conductance have been established there in equadistant postions from each other on both sides of the equator.  What amazes me is that they seem to be so regular in their positioning on both sides of the equator. This speculation comes from ideas I saw drawn up about vortexs there.   

MRP #6-- The results are globally catastrophic.  I totally agree. This is something we don't want to happen. If my idea can help us do what I think it can, we have a chance. If we choose to not do any of the measuring I have proposed, then we will not know if what I have speculated is correct. In the mean time if anyone else would come up with a possible explanation for the wobbling poles, and other phenomena we observe then we could measure whether it makes sense. At any rate it seems reasonable to me that some action is better than NO action.

If the evidence we have gathered from the earth about what it has been through is right, we can have no optomism about having no significant change follow the obvious gyrations we are now experiencing. In other words anyone with half a wit can see that the North pole's daily gyrating in a triangular pattern while the South pole is gyrating in another pattern, does not indicate that the earth is in a stable holding pattern. If you want to bet on coming events, don't bet on having weather you can put on a calendar, unless we are actually able to do something about the wobbling. In order to do that we will need to know what must be done to change, or calm the earth's daily spinning. If anyone has a better idea please step forward.

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