By Dr. Walter O. Peterson

   I believe there needs to be a discipline called Electrology covering how electricity and magnetism interact with the presence of every other substance in our Universe. I believe a knowledge of how electricity works is fundamental to the understanding of how the universe itself works.

Pole shift control theory-  There exists a flow of electricity passing through the earth from the South to the North pole. Whether it is generated in the earth core and/or in the Sun, this current must in some primary way connect the earth with the Sun, because a triangle shaped rotation wobble of the earth's North pole is daily effected, between the earth and Sun, by the strength of this current pushing against the insulating affect of the North Pole Ice Cap.

In 1967 I was told By a Dr. B...(the head of the Geology Dept) At Phillips University in Enid, OK that the government was measuring a triangle wobble in Canada of the North Pole. The report said the shape of the wobble was getting larger, and they wondered if anyone knew why it was happening. They were concerned about a pole shift.

When I heard this I walked over to the globe and observed that the north ice pole was triangular in shape. Having recently studied electrical laws, I wondered if a current could somehow be in a position to use that insulating shape to physically wobble the pole in that way.

If the current were there the direction of the turning of the earth seemed to conform to the right hand rule for determining the direction of twist in relation to the direction of the electrical flow. The flow would have to be from the South to the North pole.  

Later I concluded that if a current were flowing up from the South Pole through the earth and out the North, and if it had enough stability from its flow with the Sun to move the mass of the earth itself in a triangular shape, then this idea might be possible.

I further concluded that if such a current were flowing that it was probably also the source of the rotating power of the earth on its axis. If this were so, then its force for pushing and pulling on the insulating ice caps seemed even more plausable.

It then became apparant that if the North pole was being oriented by a current going by on the Sun side during each daily rotation, then the South pole would have to be doing the same, and its rotation shape would have to conform to the electrical conductance provided by the caps on that end of the earth.  

This thought seems to be the best way the whole idea can be tested. Measure the daily rotation of each end of the earth. If the North is a triangle, and the South a more round shape, then inertia isn't the force rotating the earth. (A free flying body always has a pin point axis of rotation. This is very observable when a football is passed. If it is smooth it stays smooth, if wobbly then wobbly, but always with a repetitively pin point axis of rotation.)  

There MUST be a force besides inertia which is driving each end differently as it goes around each daily rotation. If two patterns of rotation are found then something must be driving the earth differently at each end. If anyone can come up with another explanation for two patterns, I am open to suggestions, but they will have to account for daily Sun orientation, differientially patterned at North and South Poles.

 If two patterns are found, and no alternative explanation can be put forth, then we at least have a presentable explanation for the way the earth is behaving and because we have an explanation for the cause we also have an obvious suggestion for the solution.

One might ask,"Why are we concerned about pole wobble?"  It is my belief that this wobble is causing several problems we don't want.  I believe the wobbling is slowing the earth down in rotation, which is causing plate shifting which contributes to earthquakes, volcanos, and eratic weather because of shaking jet streams. I believe the presence of this current  and ice formations at the poles is quite possibly the cause of the earth shifting its poles.

Pole shifting results historically have resulted in catastrophic to traumatic disturbance. Dinousaur National Monument tells of plants and animals and dinosaurs >from all levels of existence crushed and broken and bull dozed into a grave on a mountain range top. I assume this took place by having an ocean wash out of its basin across the continent to the peaks of the Rockys. I believe other pole shifts have resulted in the last three "Ice Ages" we have recorded over the Americas.

I don't think any pole shift will be gentle or less than tragic. It looks like the progression of a pole shift works like this. After a pole shift takes place, the earth is spun faster because the current has no insulation to stop its entering and leaving the earth. The faster spin flattens out the earth at its poles, dropping the elevations of mountains. (The beginning of each Geologic age has been determined to have the mountains flattened out.)

As the poles shift to a new place they immediately freeze where the pole settles because the low temperatures are centered there by the current. As the frozen ice and snow build up the current is more and more insulated and the earth spins slower and slower. As it goes slower, centripital forces bring in its equatorial bulge and push earth plates together building mountains, sliding plates over plates, causing volcanoes, and earthquakes. The thicker the ice the more the insulation, the slower the rotation of the earth, the smaller the circumfrence of the earth.

Then the ice caps begin to conform more and more to the shape of the sources of their current. The North Pole now has three main sources and the build up of ice and snow has slowly filled in the center, though it is over a sea and it can be penetrated in the center, the sources of current are thickly covered enough by ice and snow to make the main flow retreat to the edge of the triangular ice cap. This causes shaking each day as the Sun side current cams against the shape of insulating ice. I believe that a combination of slowing down in rotation speed because of insulated current flow which forces the flow to the side of the ice cap, and makes it change its rotational position as it turns the earth, eventually causes the current to push the cap out of the way.  

Of course any other terrestrial interference by a huge meteor in the way of a close pass by, or a hit, could help take advantage of an eratic wobbling earth and also affect its pole shifting.


A large volume of current has been found to be flowing northward on the Alaskan Oil Pipeline. Another evidence caused by the tendancy for an electric current to follow any conductor going in its direction. If there is a cycling of the amount of flow in the line between a peak at noon as the Sun passes its conductance line, on the sun side of the ice cap, to the lowest flow being when the Sun is on the other side of the cap from the pipeline, this would also provide evidence that the current I describe is interacting with the Sun. Potentially camming itself against the ice cap.  

During Northern Pole Winters, Smog builds up above the North Pole. I believe the reason for that is the current is caming against the Sun side of the ice cap which is quite a way from the other side of the cap when the pole is pointed away from the Sun. This causes the current which normally has enough flow to provide some smaller flows around the cap to not go across the cap into the center until the pole is more &;;nbsp;perpendicular to the Sun. This provides no electrical flow over the North pole which normally would clean the smog away by taking it to the Sun. During South pole Winter, no build of pollution takes place, because the direction of flow is coming into the earth and the current takes any polution it meets down to the earth.

The South Pole is the best place to view the heavens from because its current is moving into it and carrying smog down to the ice and sea itself, leaving the air much cleaner than any other place on the earth.

Also on the South pole are found an abundant number of meteorites obviously brought in by the current. Twelve out of thousands picked up are determined to have come from Mars. These meterorites are not found on the North pole, as it would be reasonable to assume to be the case if they were falling in a random pattern upon the earth.  

I believe the shape or even the presence of the ozone holes over both poles is caused by the flow of the electric current described. It makes sense that the farther from the polar center the current passes, because of caming against the ice insulators, the wider or farther from the center of the pole would be the shape of its path higher up and farther out where the ozone layer is. In fact if the ozone holes are shaped lopsided on the Sun side as the earth turns, this in itself would indicate the presence of the current.

 I also believe that the shapes of the jet stream's flows are affected by the current pulling out or away from the center of the polar areas because of the insulating ice against the earth current flow,  and for this reason directly affect positioning of weather patterns. Causing wobbling weather. If this is true then centering the current should make the weather dependable enough to put on a calendar. SO WHAT?

So what if the earth has a current that rotates it on its axis and is camming itself against the ice insulators on each end of the earth? If we know the current is there and could be responsible for shaking the weather, slowing the earth and causing mountain building, volcanic activity, & earthquakes, THEN we can see if all of these things can be controlled by simply providing places for the current to flow which do not shake the earth.

If we were able to carefully put into place two current carriers in the center of each pole, which were deeply connected with the sources of electric flow that the earth layers below the poles provide and equip them with rheostats enabeling us to control the flow of current passing through them, then we could literally stop the shaking as well as have the ability to adjust just how fast the earth is rotating. (I wish to thank Dr. Becker who demonstrated his working knowledge and understanding of my theory by adding this most necesssary suggestion.)   

In the North Pole area making conductance connections with the three major sources of current could be achieved by locating the center of rotation, then aiming drilling rigs at the bases of the three mountain ranges providing current. To keep the drilling rigs from being burned with the electricity as they are making contact by drilling into the sources it is necessary to completely cover these drilling rigs with insulating covers. These insulators must be not only very capable of not allowing electrical flow, but I believe they will need to also be well grounded so that any pressure developed in the drilling bubbles will not cause them to be pulled up with a strong charge developed in moist air around them.

After the three sources are combined and connected to a rheostat capable of handling the current with a discharge electrode on top  it should be ready to operate. As I think about this though it would seem to be wise to provide this discharge shaft with an extendable electrode shaft which would be able to adapt to deeper and deeper layers of snow on the site.

A means of controlling the rheostat would obviously be necessary in spite of the deepening snow and ice.

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