From: Melissa Fairbanks <> April 1999

I heard these two rumors from my sister who lives on Whidbey island (off
the coast of Seattle)
1) The Alaskan Airlines compass problem: - Apparently it was announced on
TV that many of their planes (36 two days ago day, 56 yesterday) were
having mechanical difficulties and were therefore grounded.  It was a
friend of my sister's, who works with ley lines, energy fields etc., who
said that their actual problem was because their compasses were no longer
giving true readings.
According to the same source, runways on airport landing strips are having
to be renumbered as they are no longer 'in line'(?) with the radar or
compass equipment on planes.
So...I don't know if that is all too much hear-say - I myself thought that
my sister had actually read it in the paper as published material -so my
ears pricked up  as I had read Pole Shift, MANY years ago, and had been
quite fascinated by it - I looked up any recent references on the net.
 I am sorry if this has turned out to be too vague to be of use.  Maybe of
interest, is that when I heard a news bulletin on TV about Alaskan Airlines
yesterday, they gave the reason for the grounded planes, as a 'go-slow'
action by crew.  So it seems their reason changed if that is at all
As for the carrier pigeons getting lost. That is from Rupert Sheldrake. He
wrote a book a few years ago called 10 Experiments that Could Change the
World (or words to that effect) - and one of the chapters was about how
extraordinary it was that these birds have such a strong sense of
direction.  When he came to lecture in Seattle a few months ago, he said
that recently he has had reports that pigeons were now getting lost- and
everyone is mystified by this.   Are you familiar with Rupert Sheldrake?
If you are interested I do have a contact address for him - he is an
interesting man.
In any case, I apologise if all this is too 'iffy' - but maybe you will
find something that may be interesting or lead to more concrete material.
I'd be interested if you DO verify any of this
Yours sincerely,

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