by Dr Walter O Peterson

  I have decided to adopt part of the term given by Auroral Scientists to the current they have discovered being conducted by the Alaska Pipeline. Because they have assumed that it is an auroral phenomena they have called it the Auroral Electrojet. Because I believe it is the major force that moves and powers the earth which is provided by the Sun I will call it the Solar Electrojet, or the SE.

This writing is intended to give readers a clearer understanding of the power that causes pole shifting, and why it shifts so suddenly. After identifying the cause of pole shifting I have determined what could be done to keep the poles from shifting. i.e. providing a place for the current to flow and be controlled so that the current will not be forced by its own insulation building to seek a new path for going through the earth.

Steady control of the spin of the earth can restore normal ocean currents, jet streams, normal weather, reduce and stop the wobbling of the North and South rotational poles as well as both magnetic poles. This calming of the poles should be achieved by the centering of the currents flow in the polar areas by the positioning of the discharge electrodes over the rotational poles. As the rheostats increase Electrojet flow the rotational speed of the earth will be slightly increased.

What causes the earth to spin is the secondary current which forms around every direct current. The strength of the direct current in the center controls how strong the secondary current is and how fast it flows. (The reason that the current has been determined to be flowing into the South pole and up through the earth to the North pole and out is because the earth is rotating from the West to the East. According to the right hand rule if the thumb is pointing North, which is the direction of the primary current, the twisting of the secondary current shall be in the direction of the fingers of the right hand as they curl into the palm, or West to East.)  

Putting a rheostat or a variable electrical switch into the electrodes we place in both poles can control the flow of the Electrojet. This controling of the amount of current flowing through the earth will allow us to control how fast the earth spins and in turn the size of its equator. The earth has been slowing down and shrinking its equator which is pushing the tectonic plates against each other.

Slightly increasing the spin of the earth's rotation will take pressure off the plates as they push against each other. Careful control of the amount of current flowing through the vortex in the center of the earth can allow us to keep the rotation of the earth the same rate. This will allow the earth to stop subduction or the places where one plate is pushing over another, pushing burnable materials down to the magma, burning it and causing volcanos. Eventually volcanos should run out of fuel, cool off, and stop.

Careful spin control of the earth can stop the techtonic plates which are pushing each other up, let them relax a bit, and stop building mountains. This calming of the pressures of the plates against each other should stop earthquakes eventually.

Centering the places where the current is flowing through the earth will stop both the magnetic and the rotational poles shaking of the earth. Centering where the current flows into and out of the earth over the rotational poles will allow the holes it makes as it goes through the ozone layer to become as small as the path this current takes into and out of the earth. Where these holes are now and their size and shape show where the Electrojet is flowing from the Sun, into the South pole through the earth and out the North pole.

The South pole ozone hole is the size it is, because it is showing the path taken by the Electrojet as it comes in from the Sun and under the edge of the South pole and on to the place where it turns to flow through the vortex causing the rotation of the earth.)

If we can control the Electrojet by providing a place for it to flow through the ice caps over the centers of the rotational poles and keep it from bouncing around the perimeter of the polar areas as it cams itself against the ice it has formed causing it to not be able to flow through the caps, we will have solved a good many problems. Though we will have some continuing ones in order to keep control of these places of flow.  

These places of flow will build a lot of ice on them  and we will have to eventually take measures to control ice build up where we don't want it. If it gets too thick, we will again have to free it up by removing ice which would insulate the current flow and destroy our control of the speed of the earth's rotation by controlling the amount of current going through the center of the rotational poles and the earth.        

I have purposfully repeated myself in this beginning because I believe that my communication of the behavior of the Electrojet needs to be fairly well understood or the logic of my theory as it explains observable earthly phenomena will be unclear. I will continue this discourse by explaining the nature of how this Electrojet interacts with our earth as it goes through it.  

Common explanation of the reason for minus 70 degree cold at the polar areas, is that because of the pole tilt, which gives us our seasons, the sun is not able to concentrate its heat upon them. Now that we are finding this cold in places farther and farther >from the centers of the poles, this explanation no longer is reasonable. Indeed what is going on?

What is causing the cold to go farther >from the poles, is the same thing that caused the cold at the poles in the first place. It is a tremendous flow of electric current taking heat with it as it enters our earth at the South pole and as it leaves at the North, like the air leaving an unvalved tire freezes the stem.

Why would this current be leaving the centers of the polar areas? Because it has frozen ice shelfs more than three miles thick over the turning axis of both poles. Having insulated its rotational path with ice caps it now finds better conductance around the edges of both of them.  

Why should this concern us? As this current seeks further new paths of conductance, its end result will be to find places to flow which will leave behind the present earth rotation poles for new places to rotate.  This current will be the cause of the earth shifting its poles. And if it does, it will cause a catastrophy.

The last three "Ice Ages" were really pole shifts according to Velikovski. These shifts were relatively harmless poles shifts which caused ice sheets as far South as Georgia. A more serious pole shift can be witnessed at Dinosaur National Monument near Vernal, Utah. There we find plant and animal remains crushed and broken from every elevation deposited in a debris grave, fossilized against the mountain range. The evidence of a massive bulldozing sea wall. The result of a serious pole shift.

The Russians found evidence of immediate pole shifts. Mastadons were found quick frozen in ice with unwilted flowers in their teeth. While eating in a tropical climate they had been frozen so fast the flowers hadn't had time to wilt. The mass of the animals had not even slowed down the freezing process enough to let the flowers wilt. They concluded that only an immediate shift, of minus 70 degree cold which in nature only existed on the polar areas, could have done this.

Are there other evidences of this current? Just as every electric current will take any path that gives it a better place to flow, current conducting structures like the Alaskan pipeline,  Railroad rails, and power lines, all are found at times carrying this current. Each of these conductors has the greatest flow when the Sun is at high noon above them in their respective places. This is because the Sun is the source and receiver of this current. This is why I call this current the Solar Current. Don't believe me? Follow the cold spot around each ice cap, and you will find it coldest at or near noon when the Sun is over it.

You may say, "I hear the pole is getting warmer, so how is that happening?" The centers of each pole may be getting warmer because the current takes its cold with it to a path around the edge.

At this point you may say, "So what, nothing can be done about it."   The answer is - If what causes pole shifting is an electric current, we can control it. The best method we could use is to put in a discharge electrode into each rotational pole. It must be able to carry the amount of current necessary to center the current flow above its rotating axis. It must have a rheostat that can be adjusted to slightly speed up the earth's rotation speed. This will calm all of the wobbling affects we now experience.

The slowing down of the earth's rotation causes the equator to shrink, which causes the earth shape to change which in turn causes all of the other unwelcome changes. The plates push against each other. Some push over others, which drives burnable material down to burn up and cause volcanoes. Some push each other up which causes mountains to build and earthquakes. The shifting Solar current changes jet stream patterns as well as ocean currents, and the holes it makes as it passes through the Ozone layers.

How could we keep this current from destroying the drilling rigs we might use to put in place the conductors for this purpose? We would have to drill within insulated domes we build on site. When everything is ready we open the dome, start turning up the rheostats until the poles center, and the speed of the earth stops the plates from shifting. This process would be the best if we had time to do it.

In 67 I was told the US government was asking why the North magnetic pole was daily Precessing in a triangle shape. And of most concern, Why was it getting larger and larger?  They were afraid of a pole shift. The magnetic pole was actually reflecting the daily path of the North Pole's Solar Electrojet as it worked its way around under the ice cap on the Sun side on both ends. The stability of the earth core kept the pole itself from shifting, but the magnetic pole could not keep from following the gyrations of the powerful current.

Now it is evident that much more is following the gyrations of this current. Now I suspect that the very rotational pole and its tremendously stabilizing gyro effect is being drawn off to also rotate with a smaller version of the same shape. The North is rotating like the shape of its ice cap, a triangle, and the South is like its ice cap, an omlette. Measure them and see.     

What if we don't have time to drill and plant current stabilizing electrodes into place like I have described? There may be another way.  Back off from the rotational poles about ten or twenty miles, scribe a circle around it, then beginning with small bombs set them at equal intervals around it, detonating them at midnight as the earth turns until we have a complete circle.

Then we measure how much current flows in these holes and how much centering of the earth's magnetic poles, as well as Jet stream behavior, and ocean current flow, and any possible ozone hole changes.

We would need to be careful, starting small and only increasing depth and size of the holes as is necessary. If moderate centering of the earth is achieved as well as a measurable current flow, we would know if putting in switched electrodes could do us any good. I predict that if this works that the next years weather can be put on a calendar. For the only source of change, if the polar wobbles are silenced, would be the affect of the polar angle which gives us our seasons.  

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