How can we keep the poles from shifting and possibly causing catastrophic damage?  First let me lay a groundwork to think with.

For years several colleges have received from the USgov, distressing news that the North pole is rotating in a triangular fashion which was/is growing larger. That means that if you stood at the geologic North pole, you would be traveling each day in a pattern of gyration at the North end of the earth, inside a triangle which is growing larger. Because no one knew what it meant, and no one would accept the obvious answer I discovered, this question hasn't been answsered. (To the obvious endangerment of the inhabitants of the earth). I have postulated the answer and requested that my idea be checked out by measuring the gyrations of the South pole and comparing my idea.

With my answer came an obvious way to check whether it was right. The North pole gyrates each day in a triangular fashion because the North ice cap is triangular in shape and is a thickening insulator which is pushing to its sun side edge a flow of electric charges which is actually responsible for rotating the earth on its axis. The reason it pushes on the sun side is because I speculate it is generated by the Sun and is spewed out the South Sun pole and comes up through our South pole twists our earth with the secondary current it induces according the laws and directions of how this current is set up around any direct flow of current, and goes out the North pole.

If this postulation was true then the same current must cause a shape in the rotating pattern of the South pole according to its insulating cap shape. Though this has not been measured that I know of, measurement would prove or disprove my idea. If my idea is true, then bringing the earth into a true rotation could be brought about by providing a good conducting rod at both ends of the earth in the geologic centers of the poles. I briefly thought about using an atomic bomb to do it, but it would quickly freeze over and send us back to gyrating, as well as prove to be a risk of possibly causing the poles to shift. This centering of the rotation of the earth should cause the weather to become so stable that it can be put on a calendar.

Meteorites fall all over the South pole. Thousands have been picked up by several nations. Some of them have been proven to come from Mars. The only fall on the South Pole because they are brought there by the current I describe.

The Antarctic sky is clear of polution because this current charges and carries with it any polution down to earth.

A haze of polution forms over the North pole because in the Winter the North pole faces away from the Sun and the Sun current comes out on the Sun side, never going around or near the cloud of polution. When the pole orbits around to have its pole more perpendicular to Sun, the Sun Current starts coming out around the other side of the cap a little, and is sucks up the polution as it goes on its way to the Sun.

The Alaskan Oil pipeline carries a large charge current  because The Sun current is doing what any current would do. Take the path of least resistence, or best conductivity.

Poles  shift when the sun current gets tired of trying to go through thicker and thicker insulating ice and snow, and kicks the ice blocks out of the way for a better way to be conducted.

At the end of geologic periods ice build up causes the earth to slow down its rotation, this causes the earth's centrifical force to be more overcome by the centripital force and the earth changes shape in at the equator. (and the whole shape) This causes mountains to rise by pushing together the plates.  At the beginning of geologic periods flatness is caused by the earth spinning faster and smoothing out the wrinkles.

Tornado paths are located on the earth in set places mostly because tornados occur between sources of discharge in the earths's surface (called badlands sometimes) and the jet streams carrying the charges. Again the source of this current is the Sun.

The shape of the ozone hole is constantly being worked on by this current at both poles as the sun current tries to pass by the ozone and get past the ice cap on the South pole and passed the ice cap then passed the ozone hole on the North pole.

I believe you are right about my thinking being over a broad range of earth sciences. I hope that a broad enough range of thinkers can be assembled to determine if these ideas are right. If they are right we may be able to put in the conductors in time to keep our earth from shifting poles. If not. . ..

Dr. Walter O. Peterson.

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