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The Solar Elecrojet (SE: revised)

A general description of this Solar Electrojet (SE) current is a flow of charges which act according to the conductivity available to it as it follows the rules of electrical discharge along path which tie the Sun to its planets. These charges are generated in the Sun and flow out of its Southern pole to and through the planets and then back from their northern poles to the Sun's North pole.

The SE path from the Sun to the earth. I know very little about this path. I suspect that in passing the Van Allen Belt the SE has a part in shaping it, and causing the ozone holes to be affected in both shape and size for both North and South as it comes into the earth on the South end and goes out on the North.

The SE path toward the earth.

There are two phenomena that establish the South Pole as the site of an incoming current. When passing through space it picks up thousands of small meteorites, which are deposited on the South Pole Ice fields. Several have been determined to have come from Mars. This observation has not been made about the North pole, which again would prove that on that pole the current is moving away from the earth. Another phenomena establishing an incoming current is the fact that it has the cleanest atmosphere found anywhere on earth. Looking through telescopes there is hindered by the least pollution on earth. Pollution is simply latched on to and taken down to the ice by the SE current.

The South Ozone hole

 When the South pole cap has grown large from miles of extra insulation, the SE must go under the edge of the cap to try to reach the rotation place. As thecap has grown larger the current is pushed farther up, and its path past the ozone layer, is
moved more and more North. This opens up the ozone hole. If the shape of the South ozone hole is plotted, it should resemble the shape of the South ice cap.

The North ozone hole

While smaller than the South, the North cap has also been expanded and the SE current is being moved down against the ozone layer. The shape of the North ozone hole should be able to be measured and found to be affected by the peculiar triangle shape of the North pole cap.

The SE path out of the earth.

One phenomena comes to mind about the North pole. During Winter months a huge cloud of pollution builds up on it. The SE current is always on the Sun side of the cap as it turns. When the pole is facing away from the Sun the SE current is even more, less likely, to spill under any current flow to the back side of the ice cap. This lack of flow around the cap shuts down the taking of the cloud of pollution to the Sun. The cloud stays until the slant of the pole is faced more toward the Sun and the SE current can leak some of its flow around the back side which comes over the cap picking up the pollution on its way to the Sun.

The SE current causes things to dissappear.

When reading one early book about the North pole, one phenomena seemed so strange I could hardly bring myself to contemplate it. It said that the North pole could make things dissappear. The reason I bring this up is because any attempt to measure the SE current is risking the same for any aircraft trying to follow this current as it goes around the earth. Why does it cause dissappearances? Because it charges and takes with it anything capable of taking a charge. Dissappearances in the Bermuda

Triangle are caused by the same principle. There the US places its space launching program for the purpose of using the vortex there for launching its space vehicles. It is rumored that the process works fine if they go into the vortex on the way up and then near the top slip out of it so they can miss the boats and planes floating in the top of the vortex. For a vortex area to be this strong is an indication of what the strongest flowing current on the face of the earth, the SE current, is capable of.

Vortexes have been found over many places in the earth. I believe they are the places where the poles have been in ancient times, and the current has magnetizedboth the In flow areas (South pole) and the outflow areas (North pole) in the places in the crust of the earth plates. These vortexes are weak compared to the SE current flow that established them. If we send plane safter this current to chart its course, they will have to be space travelcapable. It makes sense to me that getting out of this current is possible if the plane can be discharged.

I believe that space ships launching can get out of them because of the great smoke ejected by the engines which keeps the ships relatively discharged and leaves them capable of navigation. I think that compressed gas in bottles that could be opened to spray out substances like CO2, or a silver iodide smoke generator would allow them to discharge and recover their own propulsion system control. I am reminded of other stories about the Bermuda Triangle, like when the Queen Elizabeth was foundered there because of electrical failure, (caused by a weak vortex flow.)

One story tells about finding a wooden boat with all of the metal pieces on it apparantly jerked out of it. Another story about a tug which was pulling a barge. When the vortex began spraying its water filled vortex around it the Captain put his diesel engines on full blast. He was able to pull out of the column of vortex, but he couldn't seem to get the barge out. He noticed that the tow rope was slanted up into the cloud indicating where his barge was. His engines couldn't pull out the barge. He ran back and hit the hydraulic wenches powering the tow rope. The barge was pulled out of the cloud. He stated that a power wanted them that day but just didn't have the power. What he didn't know was that the action that kept him discharged and

in the water was the smoke from the over injection of his diesel (Non-electric) motors. Nothing electric can operate in this current because it is such a draft of flow that all charges go with it. The captainmentioned that every battery on the tug was completely dead when he got out of the situation. (I had crossed out putting in this topic about the Bermuda Triangle because of the fear that it has caused several people that have received my materials. After sleeping on it, it has occured to me thatsending people out to chart the current will be very dangerous for them if they are not fully equipt.)

The warming of the Polar caps

The caps are both warming because there isn't the concentration of the minus 70 degree cold coming through the ice cap caused by the current flow that there used to be. The SE current is going under the edge of both of the caps as it comes in the South pole and goes out under the North. This can be established by simply measuring where the minus 70 degree current is. It will be found on the Sun side slamming against the ice as the SE current turns the caps against it. This should be significant, because the explanation that the poles were cold is that the Sun was unable to reach the poles with direct enough rays to warm them up. The fact is that the SE current IS the SOURCE of the Minus 70 Degree cold.

Changing SE current paths modify into different patterns all it controls.

Because the places where the current is going into the earth and coming out of the earth are closer together than the end poles, there is a side affect that the current is trying to go straight across the conducting layers to the place in the North where the SE main current is coming out. This causes a greater potential of current being near the surface of the earth and actually increasing and strengthening the affect of all the things

it moves there. Hurricanes will continue to ALL be affected by this flow. Tornadoes will be strengthened. Weather and jet streams, and ocean currents will hold their patterns which have been lately established by the movement of the SE current closer to the equator on both South and North sides. I must remember to add in the affect of the natural incline of the polar area in relation to our orbit of the Sun. Its affect will be unchanged, however it will be operating within the perameters established by the new paths of the now modified SE current.

Measuring and Mapping the SE Current.

Mapping and measuring the minus 70 degree cold paths and measuring and mapping the amount of current flowing in those areas would be very helpful. When we compare these measurements with weather patterns now seen to be changing, and with ocean current patterns now seen to be changing, we will have some more data to help us evaluate whether this current actually has or does not have the predicted affect.

This data would also be very helpful in evaluating whether anything we did toward restoring the current flow to the pole centers was being effective. The SE current squeezes the weather belts together. If we measured the minus 70 degree cold and also measured the flowing of the current at that place, showing that where the current is, is the position from which it is affecting major environmental conditions, we would want to change it immediately.

We would see why our normal weather belts have moved out of place. Instead of the earth's SE current affecting the currents of the ocean as well as the jet streams above from the center of the polar areas, they may have moved thousands of miles toward the equator. The current flows that controlled our weather and our ocean currents are now both pinching toward the Sun. Current that used to be centered and going straight up through the earth is now leaking in shallow paths across the face of the earth, on the Sun side, as the earth turns, providing extra, short circuiting power for causing unusually large Hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes, as well as providing for different charge -discharge patterns for ocean currents and jet streams. Northern American states may think that Spring and Summer are going to come, but don't count on it. When the minus 70 degree causing SE current is pinching down on you and all of the weather belts between you and it, who knows what affect it will have. Will the double amount of snow on the mountains, probably caused by the shift of the SE current we are talking about, be able to melt this year. Maybe. Maybe not.

You know it is just possible that so much of that SE current has shifted down near us that the mountains themselves around us are getting some of its discharging affect and may be kept colder than is reasonably explainable. Why do you think that volcanoes when erupting discharge lightening into the sky above them? The path of conductance of the SE current from the center of the molten earth has been exposed to the opportunity to short circuit its path back to the Sun. If the SE current will short through a volcano why can't it be attracted to ancient volcano sites if the area under the volcano is souped up with a stronger charge because of ashifting closer SEpotential?

The SE Current is measurable in two ways

Besides being measurable as a current as the SE makes its way through the earth in places like the Alaskan Oil Pipe Line, its main entrance and exit points are notable for the always accompanying minus 70 degree temperature. Like the air from an unvalved truck high pressure tire when escaping from an unvalved stem, the entrance and exit points of this current rob heat from the point of contact and freeze the area. Measuring the flow of current in that pipe line during the whole day should show that at High Noon the current is the strongest, and at midnight the current is very low or not at all. This will again prove where the source of this current is

The SE causes pole shifting by building ice on its own pathways into and out of the earth.

Now the poles are very thickly covered with layers of ice and snow. The SE current finds it cannot force its way through the former pathways through the poles and the flow of current is drawn to the Sun side of the ice cap. This shifting proves the source and return place of the current which is the Sun. Again as it goes around the ice caps it continues to freeze its pathways and makes its path larger around the poles, trying harder and harder to force itself against the ice caps. Then on a particularly hard bounce and possibly accompanied by the passing of another heavenly body, the caps are pushed so hard that both pole caps are pushed out of the way by the current This push can be hard enough to cause the earth to tumble and as it tumbles the center vortex of the current tries to locate another place that will accommodate the flow of its current. If it settles on a place near the equator it is possible that the continents will be located, in relation to the moving seas, in such a manner, that they will wash over them like a battering ram. The evidence found at Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal, Utah would indicate such a disaster. Dinosaurs, mountain goats, flora and fauna from all levels are crushed and broken and deposited in wave like graves.

A much milder pole shift would have been one of the minor shiftings of the SE current the North pole of which has shifted from places nearer the Americas for Russia and visa versa. I believe that three such shifts, or possibly as many as six such shifts may have been responsible for our "Ice ages". I believe that the evidence found by the Russians of

Mastodons frozen with flowers in their mouths that were unwilted could have been one of those shifts. A polar area around the Hudson Bay region with an ice formation down to Georgia, could have shifted over Northern Russia. Those huge and well insulated animals were considered so resistant to cold thatthe only cold in existence to freeze them so fast the flowers didn't wilt, must have been the minus 70 degree cold found on the poles. Thus they reasoned the polar cold had to shift suddenly over them in their meadow.

The SE current paths are reflected by the magnetic poles.

In 1967 I received news that the US Government had sent messages to several universities in America with some alarming news. Someone had been measuring the site of the North magnetic pole in Canada and it was daily progressing over a triangular area. What was of most concern is that the triangle was getting larger. There was fear that this might be indicating that a possible pole shift was eminent. I was told this by the Head of the Geology Dept. at Phillips University, in Enid, Oklahoma. When I heard it I walked over to the huge globe and looked at the North pole. It was quite clearly in the shape of a triangle. At the time I could not figure out how a triangle ice pole might cause the magnetic pole near it to daily track in its shape. Recently the answer seems to be obvious. The SE current was beginning to bleed off under its triangle ice cap and go out on the Sun side of the triangle shape back to the Sun. What this did was to move a powerful current in a triangular path near the position of the magnetic pole. Being much more passive and weak it was being bent around mirroring the triangular gyrations of the huge current.

The SE current powers tornadoes. When oil exploration began to drill holes to find oil, the drilling rigs were hit by lightening and tornadoes. There was fear that the problem could not be solved. Finally they tried to case their wells with drilling mud which set up a hard insulating case around the drill shaft. This stopped both the lightening and the tornadoes. Guess what? If insulation stops lightening and tornadoes, what must be the cause of both of them? It has been discovered that tornadoes cannot be spawned by a cloud that does not have a connection with a jet stream. It has also been established that paths of known tornado grounding are drawn on maps.

I have a story of a Midwest town that had never been hit by tornadoes. One Winter a tornado started on one end of town and hit every house. They lamented over the loss because they had just the Summer before drilled an artesian well over 400 feet deep and replaced their poor 13 foot wells with wonderful water. They had made current conductors of all of their houses. Knowing the cause of the tornadoes provides a plan to solve the problem of tornado destruction. Make an X shaped park in the town you don't want hit. place a rail in the center of the shape of the X and weld them to a few uninsulated wells drilled to sea level. The next time weather fronts and jet stream provide tornado possibilities, the best path of electrical conductance will be the X. The town will be spared. If you have a large city. Put the rail up in the air supported by strong members. The tornadoes that strike it will follow it over the houses.

The SE current finds a place of no insulation

Immediately after shifting the crust to a new place for rotating the earth, from the old insulated, and off centered pathways, to a new place of rotation, the SEgoes directly into the earth with no insulation of built up ice and directly over the place of rotation. This shift marks the end of the old Geologic age and the beginning of a new one. The old place of rotation was frustrating the currents ability to spin the earth on its axis with its full strength, which was causing the earth to slow down. This in turn was causing the equator to shorten and push the tectonic plates together. This caused the mountain building , earthquake, and volcanic activity, always accompanying the end of a geologic age. When the SE current finally rejected the old insulated rotation place and shifted to the new place of rotation, the current was able to concentrate its full current directly over the place of rotation and this force increased the speed of rotation. Increasing rotation speed increases the size of the equator and flattens any mountains existing over it. A new geologic period is born.

The SE current through a series of pole shifts, separates continents.

Shifting back and forth between places near Russia, and places nearer America have caused zig zag break apart lines in the Atlantic rift and pushed the continents apart. The reason the Atlantic was able to expand its width is because its floor is being formed by new magma moving up and hardening when the earth was increasing its rotational speed. . This formed a strong plate pushing against the floor of the Pacific which was folding up when the earth was slowing down because it was a thinner weaker floor.

The SE current shifted the last pole shift about 2800 years ago.

Einstein's favorite "Historical Geologist", Velekovski found recorded evidence in several ancient accounts that the earth was turning from East to West before the last pole shift. That pole shift was a complete switch of the North and South poles. Proven by the fact that the ancient temples that were facing East, became turned around to face West. This could only have happened if the earth switched pole ends. Velekovski also believed that the shift was caused by an intruding heavenly body that became a planet in our system. I tend to accept both of his beliefs. The reason is that if the pole shift had occurred because of overinsulated polar areas like we have now, the searching SE current would not have chosen them as a site to rotate again the earth. However if the poles were relatively good conductance paths, considering that the passing of the SE current tends to magnetize the places it goes through, establishing places of vortex, they would be a natural for the relocation of the SE current conductance. The close passing of another planet, possibly through the earth's flow of the SE to and from the Sun would seem to be a logical explanation of such a shift.

The SE current when well centered at the poles puts a vortex in the center of the earth which spins it on its axis. This is the only possible explanation for what happened when the earth directly changed it poles. If inertia were the cause of its spinning, it would have continued to turn the same way it turned before the shift. What happened was after the poles were shifted the earth stopped and turned in the opposite direction. This is also why there was not a cataclysmic change in the size of the earth, because the polar areas had the same amount of insulation on them to provide the same rate of speed after the shift as it had before the shift. A shift to a new place of rotation would be a different story as I have previously explained.

When the SE is in the central vortex where the SE is under a special set of circumstances- great gravity, pressure, heat, possibly fluid, or gas compressed to pure elements. This condition is so powerful and its current must interact so powerfully, that those studying earthquake waves find them not able to pass through the center ball. They define the area as solid metal, because it is so resistant to the earthquake waves, but I think more likely its vortexing current is so powerful it acts that way. I think finding solid metal in a place far deeper than other areas that are already molten is unlikely.

The SE may be near another shift.

Because the weather is so highly disoriented. Because the Jet Streams have been highly unusual for several years. Because the oceans have changed their usual current patterns. Because there have been reports that minus 70 degree temperatures have been found way South of the North ice cap. Because of all of these and more I believe we may not have much time before a shift. When I first designed a solution to this problem, by using the knowledge of the existence of this SE current, I designed a plan that might take several years to put into place. Now I do not think we have several years before the shift. So I came up with an emergency plan. One that could possibly be put into effect in a matter of months. Although it is not as accurate as the first plan, it should relieve the weather patterns we now are faced with, and some of the volcano and earthquakes. It uses well known and powerful technology commonly available to our government.

Warning the public not a choice, because no solution demands no publicity, because it would only alarm people with no reason to believe that anything could be done. I believe the government has known about these problems for a long time but has not warned us because they thought that nothing could be done.

The SE current causes rain, tornadoes, earthquakes, weather fronts, storms, hurricanes, ozone hole opening with the help of enlarging ice caps, magnetic polegyrations, pole shifting and many other things. IF IT CAUSES THESE THINGS AND WE KNOW HOW TO CONTROL ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE, AS WELL AS MOST ALL OF THE RULES OF ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE WHY COULD WE NOT CONTROL ANY OR ALL OF THESE PHENOMENA? I have plans for doing this. Come let us reason together, that wisdom, good planning, and excellence, be expressed in action.

Dr. Walter O. Peterson

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