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DOWNS: I have accessed and downloaded a considerable amount of information from your Pole Shift Forum site and have a couple of general queries - perhaps other readers might be able to help.According to a piece by Walter O. Peterson, if I am correct, thegyroscopic axial spinning of the Earth, and its concomitant wobble at the Norh Pole, has created a triangular bio-magnetic 'gash' in the Arctic.

PETERSON: I believe a careful reading of the paper I will send along withthis reply may help you undeerstand what I am trying to say. The triangular wobble of the North pole is there because there havebeen for many years three main sources of discharge for the Solar Electrojetat the North Pole. These three sources have been centered in three mountainareas. The center of the North pole physically is in a sea, which submarines can go under to its exact geological site. The cause of the build up of iceand snow at the North pole is the Electrojet current itself. It freezes any moisture hard because it causes a -70 degree temperature wherever it conducts its main flow.

The melting which is going on now is caused by the fact the that the Electrojet has so frozen and layered over its main current flow places in the North Pole that it is following around the edge of the whole polar cap. Because the cap is triangular it is progressing in a triangular pattern. This pattern causes the Magnetic North pole to follow its flow as it bends around the cap. This following causes the Magnetic Pole to pull so far from its former site that it is being pulled by the Electrojet under some of the ice shelves that have been frozen by the Electrojet. This causes the magnetic lines which guide our compases to be buried some of the time and not available to do a good job of directing the compass needles. This is what has downed the airplanes and is causing pigeons to not be able to fly home, and whales to beach themselves. I realize that this picture does not line up with parts of the puzzle you have mentioned. The paper I am sending you if studied can help you see a more total picture than this.

DOWNS Am I right in saying that he believes it to be the case that the electro-static energy caused by this triangular 'pole' causes the pack ice within the triangle to thicken? If this is the case, then Greenpeace's compilation of their melting northern pack ice evidence could be proving this theory to be true - if the ice extent is shrinking, can this be linked to a thickening cap?

PETERSON I believe the ice is thickening because it is melting down because the source of its cold is the Solar Electrojet Current, which has so thickened the ice on the centers of the best conducting places of the three places in the North Pole that it has begun to short circuit its path toward the Sun side of both of the polar areas. This short circuiting has caused the greatly strengthened forces seen first in Hurricane Mitch and then in tornadoes in the Us 5/3/99 and later. (Which I predicted when I thought through what was happening to make Mitch so strong. i.e. flowing through the layers between the input and output sites some of them much closer to the surface of the crust which I knew would make all the storms stronger.

DOWNS: Or is the Peterson theory simply unproven or unprovable? [According to Graham Hancock (yes, I'm afraid so) an amount of water comparable to Lake Erie (or was it Lake Ontario?) is being dropped on the North Pole annually. This extra weight could supposedly cause the 'lithosphere slip'.]

DOWNS: My main questions: Is there any existing evidence that the ice cap is thickening?

PETERSON: I have seen some news reports saying that the centers of the pollar areas are warming up. This would cause compacting. If it caused melting to the extent that the Electroject could return to its former sites then of course the wobbling of the polar areas would reduce. As far as proof is concerned if you can read this paper and see the predictions I have made and the ways the presence of this Solar Electrojet can answer many answers of "Why" and be able to help me to get the measurements I have predicted would give what results, I think you can have proof.

DOWNS: Who would gather this evidence? How close to the pole are the research stations in the Arctic and to which countries do they belong? Or can the imbalance of the triangular gash throw our lithosphere off centre anyway. without a thickened, overweight ice cap?

PETERSON: NO, in fact the problem of a fast pole shift taking place has been rejected by many people because they could find not such weight big enough to do a fast job of shifting it. The SE could do it, because it is the force which turns the earth on its poles.

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