Did Ancients Report Radical Repositioning of Their Star Field?

It's essential to test the pole-shift theory, and its opposition, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, by examining their core assumptions.

If a pole-shift previously occurred within early historical or late pre-historical times, then, among the ancients, in addition to expecting oral or written reports/stories of an unexplained but wide-spread cataclysm, we might expect reports that the night's star field changed its position radically relative to local observers/survivors.

The evidence we have indicates that the ancients everywhere--person by person--not only could, but did, have familiarity with the details of their night sky that vastly exceeed what the average person in any industrial or post-industrial society has today. Compared to most people today, we can assume that almost any ancient chosen at random would have much more 'eye-time' and fewer 'eye-distractions'. So, most would have been able to register and report rather subtle changes in the sky-field over time.Any astrology-like belief in star-power could only encourage more details observations. In a real sense then, although there might have been a few 'specialists in every societal group,' everyone was an astronomer.

So, we can assume that even in pre-historic times, most randomly-chosen survivors of a cataclysm would have had extensive memory of night sky-field details before the event. So, not matter how many or how few humans survived a global cataclysm, those who did survive would be capable of passing along the key details.

A radical shifting of the earth's crust would give the survivors a different view of the star field. How different would depend on the severity of the shift.

In trying to locate the cause of the cataclysm, survivors, whose experience of the geological cataclysm could only be local, would probably, after observing a different night sky, come to believe that the sky, not the earth, was where the cause of the cataclysm resided. In other words, cause and effect would be reversed.

It's interesting to speculate that belief in astrological analysis of the relationships between star positions and events on earth could have originated with such an event.

In any case, we can further assume that the difference between the old star-field and the new star-field, or at least the fact of the change, would very likely be passed down to succeeding generations. Local versions of the cataclysm would be en-storied by widely separated groups of survivors. But the common element would be the change in sky view and the tendency to see that change as the cause, not the effect, of what happened.

NOTE : We do not assume that stories carried down through time are to be granted the status of scientific evidence. On the other hand, it's not wise to assume that in pre-scientific societies all ways of knowing and storying information must be dismissed as mere fantasy. Of course, the problem is knowing the difference. But even today we still often can't be sure of what's significant and what is not in our world.

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