From: "Roland Hanke" <>

Subject: crustal slippage

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 21:27:45 -0800


I don't believe that rapid crustal slippage has happened(at least not in the

last several million years). Volcanic islands are built up when a particular

area of the crust sits over a hot-spot in the mantle for an extended period

of time. The long chain of the present and past Hawiian Islands were created

as the Pacific Plate slid slowly over such a hot-spot under the Pacific

Ocean. If the crust slid around as some are contending these islands would

be scattered all over the Pacific Basin, or more likely, would not exist at

all. These islands were simply the first case to occur to me, and because of

them being strung out in a NW SE line are obvious counter evidence. You can

post this where ever you think appropriate.

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