From: "Jonathan Downs"

To: Dr Walter Peterson   From: Jonathan Downs   Friday, 21 May, 1999  

 Thank you very much for your quick response! I have just read your paper that was sent on my e-mail in response to some questions to Pole Shift Forum on 20 May, 99 (UK). I am copying this to the Forum site for general information. I am no specialist - quite the reverse, I am a generalist, university- educated in Classical Civilization and Medieval European History, so please bear with me. There are a few points I was hoping you could clarify:  

1.  -Is global warming a reality? Has it actually affected the ice caps?

     -If so, should they not be better conductors for the SE? (I understand you said that the ice has been compacted, because its extent has shrunk and its surface has melted. Does this mean that the North polar ice cap is now an even worse conductor for the SE?)  

2. I understand what you say about ancient SE sites, but, about Bermuda: what, then, of the Methane eruption theory? Methane gas, bursting out of the sea, as it does, apparently, changes the density of the water which loses its buoyancy, (hence no debris of crashed aircraft and ships, bodies etc.), and sends streams of negative ions into the atmosphere, which might account for aircraft and ships' magnetic and electrical devices cutting out and dying. -Is this theory, then, to be replaced by the sure knowledge of the old  SE vortex - which NASA clearly knows about, since, as you say, they use it to their benefit?

Which NASA launches have used the updraught of the Bermuda vortex?  

3. If a pole shift occurred 2800 years ago, (c.800 BC) I think there would be more written ancient comment about it. To my knowledge, there isn't any mentioned, but, to be fair, no scholar, I believe, has looked for any written evidence or interpreted any comment as being evidence of such a change. According to Hippias, the Olympics are believed to have first been held in 776 BC, and civilization as we came to know it began in earnest in this century in Greece - surely something would have been put down about the movement of the sun? However, it is interesting to note that the period of c.1100-800BC is known as the Greek Dark Ages - there was no writing, little art, and little in the way of burials to give scholars a clue to the nature of society at the time.

     Further, I have no knowledge of this subject, but surely the earth cannot simply stop and turn in the opposite direction? Surely if we slowed to a halt and slowly began turning again, there would be cataclysmic results due principally from our lack of gravitational pull - (is this not caused by our spinning?) - would the atmosphere not have been dissipated? Would we not have been flung from the surface and into space? I would be very interested in any theoretical possibilities you could provide of this actually having happened.  

4.  -Have any aircraft been lost in the arctic owing to SE interference?    

  -Did they just vanish, sucked into space, or were they crashed with navigational failure?   I intend to digest the information you have sent me more fully in the days to come, and may have further questions. Your report and theory concerning the potential of hurricanes to seek out old SE sites and cause a pole shift is, to say the least, alarming and I want to understand it as best I can. This all seems a very one-way transit of information! I apologize, but, from a practical viewpoint I don't see what help I can be to someone with your specialist knowledge!   In any case, I look forward to hearing from you.

With many thanks, Jonathan Downs

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