Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:34:47 +0100

Subject: Crustal Shift Theory


I was initially interested in Crustal Shift mechanism as a way to
explain paleo-environment changes in the Geologic Record,
and existence of ancient maps of the Antarctic coastline.
I thought that Hot Spots would be a good way to identify changes in
position of continents. This is because they all have very distinctive
chemical compositions and are relative static in relation to the crust.
However I soon realised that they in fact disprove crustal slip theory,
this is because the Hawaiian islands for example show a continuous
movement over a hot spot during the last 30 Million years.
There are other mechanisms as noted on your site, such as the effects
of Mechanics of Centrifugal forces that when combined with the movement
of plates and meteor impacts may I believe provide a better explanation.


Chris Cox

( For the record I have a degree in Geology/Geophysics )

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