Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999

From: John Bennett <>

Subject: polar shift discussion

Hello, there.

It is a welcome surprise to find your site. Maybe now we can get a rational discussion going on this subject instead of having to sift through the fruits and nuts. Some thoughts:

I agree the polar shift will probably be a gradual rather than a catastrophic event. Could an indication of polar shift be seen in our maps? We have a declination factor built into our topographic maps. Does this declination factor change over time? If so, could not it be the result of the magnetic pole modifying its position on the planet? If it is, we would not only have an indication of the direction of movement of the pole, but of its rate of movement as well.

I have heard in the media that the five major planets will be in alignment soon (I believe they said next summer). I didn't get to hear all the report, but they seemed concerned that the concerted gravitational pull of these aligned planets might have an effect on the Earth's surface configuration. Has anyone else out there perhaps seen the same type of report or have any opinions on the probability that this may be a significant factor?

Thanks, JB

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